Product Improvement

Avomeen is a world-class chemical testing laboratory that offers a full-spectrum of product testing and development services. Experienced chemists work with an array of industries that include pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, paint and sealants, cosmetics, herbicides, and many others. We partner with manufacturers, businesses, and organizations to provide them with the evidence-based information they need to improve their products and create policies based on scientific inquiries.

Improving Product Design

Helping customers improve their products is a cornerstone of our business. Within our state-of-the-art labs, we can chemically analyze products down to their most basic constituents. Analyzing these parts and their interactions with one another often leads to significant improvements in product design. To achieve analysis, our scientists employ various methods ranging from surface analysis to thin layer analysis. We’ll consult with you about our methodologies and create a plan that will lead to a more detailed picture of the product in question and how it can be improved.

Rethinking Products for the Better

Avomeen’s chemists are innate problem solvers. Sometimes the best way to improve a product’s design is to eliminate a problematic characteristic from which it may suffer. With compositional analysis, we can identify materials that may be detracting from a product’s performance. We can identify unknown particles, unknown surface residues, organic and inorganic elements, surfactants, additives, and more.

Once we can determine the source of a problem, we can help our customers find the best solutions to repair them. If formulation development problems are obstacles for your product, rest assured that we will help you find the best, most efficient solutions.

Deconstruct, Then Reconstruct

The chemists at Avomeen love a challenge. Our product improvement service typically begins with the deconstruction of product materials. Deconstruction or deformulation allows us to generate a report of all materials within the product. Deformulation is just one step. Sometimes it reveals a contaminant that is causing a product to perform amiss. Sometimes the problem is deeper. Often, chemical adjustment must take place in order for the product to perform as planned.

To that end, the chemists at Avomeen can reformulate chemicals in varying degrees in order to generate product improvements. Our work in this regard allows us to better guide our clients through changing designs or processes within their manufacturing centers. Even if your product is associated with a complex formulation, we can provide expert analysis of all of its parts and their quantities.

Avomeen can work with your company to improve your product through chemical analysis. Improved product functionality can lead to greater success for your company. If your product is struggling or you simply want to search for ways to improve it, contact us for more information. We’d be delighted to consult with you no matter your industry or product type.

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