Make Your Own Product / Product Line

Make Your Own Product / Product Line

Product engineering services from Avomeen helps businesses and entrepreneurs develop and manufacture new commercial and industrial products.

Product Engineering:

Our experienced formulation chemists can develop innovative cosmetics, coatings, supplements, adhesives, polymers, beverages, cleaners, fertilizers, and more.

From Initial concept to on the shelf product Avomeen can:

  • Develop an innovative and high performing product or formulation.
  • Deliver prototypes for you to sample during the product development process
  • Perform all necessary testing for safety regulations, government, and industry compliance.
  • Connect you with a suitable raw material supplier, packaging supplier, and contract blender.

Our services work in two ways:

  • Describe the product you would like to create including desired color, odor, performance, shelf life, etc.  Our formulation chemists will perform the necessary research and develop the product according to your desires.
  • Tell us what product currently on the market you would like to reformulate including which properties you like about it (appearance/performance/Etc.) and any other modifications you feel would improve it.  Our chemists will deformulate the product, essentially reverse engineering it, and then use this data to reformulate or re-engineer the product.  During this process, we can check for patents and make any modifications desired.  What you receive is a brand new product based off a modified version of the traditional product that you currently like.

Why choose Avomeen:

  • All of our projects are custom designed and we can assist with as much or as little of the process as you require.  Being a full services laboratory we can perform testing such as labeling, shelf life analysis, safety testing, extractables/leachables analysis, release testing, and regulatory consulting services.
  • We will send you sample batches to review and will finalize the formulation based on your suggestions.
  • You will have a team of formulation chemists that are here for you both during and after your project’s completion.
  • We can develop products to be eco-friendly, anti-aging, non-odor, etc.
  • We can send you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to sign or we will be happy to use one of yours.
  • Our years of experience and proven results in a range of industries.
  • For new clients, an upfront fee is assigned with the remaining balance due upon delivery of your finalized formulation. What this means for you is that Avomeen takes no royalty fees ever and you are free to use the supplier or blender of your choice. This saves significant overhead fees and gives you much more freedom over using a traditional R&D manufacturer.

Industries that we specialize in:

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