Ink Deformulation


Ink Deformulation

Avomeen’s expert scientific staff includes Ph.D. chemists with decades of deformulationexperience with inks, dyes, stains, and polishes. This expertise can be highly valuable when companies need to:

  • Research and compare competitive products
  • Identify batch to batch variations in their products
  • Identify new ingredients for advanced formulations
  • Receive expert witness testing reports for patent infringement or trade secret investigations

Avomeen formulation chemists used advanced testing methods such as FT-IRHPLCLC/MSGC/MS, ICP-MS, and AA to identify and quantitate organic and inorganic compounds in ink samples. Our chemists then utilize their reformulationexpertise to develop trial batches for new products, including specialty inks and dyes for medical or industrial applications.

Case Study – Competitive Product Analysis

Industry: Consumer Products
Problem: Japanese competitor sold a better product
Solution: A ballpoint pen manufacturer wanted to know why the ink from a competing Japanese ballpoint manufacturer dried faster and had a brighter color. The problem called for a detailed deformulation of the competing product, which involved separation of the various components using a series of solvent extractions and preparative chromatographic techniques. The ingredients were identified using NMRGC/MS and FT-IR spectroscopy. While most of the ingredients in the competing ink were chemically similar to those in our client’s product, the competing product contained a metallic compound as identified by ICP-MS. The metallic compound served as a catalyst in the curing process, which caused the ink to dry faster. We also identified the additive responsible for the brightness.

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