Infrared Spectroscopy FT-IR Analysis


Why Use FTIR Analysis?:

FTIR testing services help as a great first step in a product analysis.  This technique helps identify and characterize the main ingredients within a sample.  Generally used for organic samples, the absorbance spectrum created is analyzed against Avomeen’s expansive reference database to identify which chemical family a samples components fit within.

How It Works:

Avomeen utilizes FT-IR analysis & technology to obtain molecular fingerprints of unknown compounds, using transmittance measurements captured after firing an infrared laser beam at sample compounds. Unknown fingerprints are then searched against a database of over 236,000 known FT-IR spectra in order to develop a conclusive identification.

Avomeen’s Instrumentation:

Avomeen’s state-of-the-art PerkinElmer Spectrum 65 FT-IR is equipped with an Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) accessory, which allows our scientists to use diamond cell technology to test solid or liquid samples in their natural state at much lower sample sizes.  Our scientists can develop a custom designed project using an infrared spectroscopy analysis along with a range of other methods and instrumentation to help solve your analytical needs.

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Why Use Avomeen Analytical Services:
Our chemists use FTIR testing, as well as many other advanced analytical instruments and complex techniques to analyze our client’s samples.  We focus on solving even the most complex projects in a fast and reliable manner.  When you contact Avomeen, you will speak directly to one of our lead chemists and experience our great customer service.

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