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searching for freedom to operate patentA freedom to operate patent search identifies barriers that may exist to a new products entry into the market due to patents of similar commercial products or technologies.  Through an analysis of existing patents and the examination of language with those that are similar, Avomeen can assess the potential risk from patent infringement.

Before money and time are spent on product development services, a patent search is often conducted in order to verify one’s ability to sell and distribute a product without violating another company’s intellectual property or committing patent infringement.

Avomeen’s scope of coverage includes current active and enforced patents, applications, and patents that are currently pending review. If there were patents in place that have since expired, these are also included.  Avomeen’s scientists perform searches under broad full-text parameters.  This will identify if another company or individual has made claims to the technology, product, or process, that you intend to target.

Required for the search is a description of the technology or product to be covered under the search that defines the features and sub-components.  For some searches including pharmaceuticals, we will require items such as the novel structures, composition, and compounds within the formulation.

Once the most relevant claims are reviewed to see if coverage applies, our scientists can being deformulation, reformulation, or formulation services on your product to develop a new superior product to your specifications that you will be free to manufacture, market, and sell.

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