Support for Limitless Industrial Innovation

  • Chemicals & Materials Avomeen’s chemical testing services can be customized to fit the needs of a wide range of companies and industries, and is the foundation of our business.
  • Life Sciences Improvements in biology and medicine don't just improve lives; they make positive changes on a grand scale into real possibilities. Extending human life, eliminating diseases, and building a better understanding of the human body are just the beginning - and chemical analysis is there every step of the way.
  • Legal Support Avomeen’s Ph.D. scientists have many years of experience providing litigation support and expert witness testimony in patent infringement, trade secret, and related cases requiring analytical investigation services.
  • Consumer Products As a product designer, it's your duty to ensure that the consumer products you create are safe for customer use. Regulatory agencies will monitor the manufacturing and use of your product to ensure you meet certain guidelines - and Avomeen can help you do it.
  • Energy & Transportation Chemistry helps drive efforts to find and harness renewable energy sources and keeps our nations running within our carefully built infrastructure. The future of your energy efforts hinges on the scientists and chemists that make your analyses actionable.
  • Agriculture The need to feed our nations is ever-increasing as the planet's population swells. To keep the future well-fed, we need to employ in-depth chemical analysis and build our library of agricultural knowledge and technology.
  • Industrial Manufacturing Regulatory agencies keep a close eye on manufacturing processes to ensure the safety and health of consumers, and through chemical analysis, we can push new manufacturing processes forward that lower overhead and increase consumer safety and happiness.

Analysis that Spans Today's Greatest Industries

We hire the best of the best from a range of commercial and industrial industries. Our staff is comprised of a combination of material scientists, polymer experts, experienced expert witnesses, pharmaceutical development specialists, and more. They know how to achieve reliable results that will make you glad you chose Avomeen when you have the success of your project on the line.