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Laboratory Services

Avomeen Scientists customize the analytical process to your specific requirements.  We will never assume that a method which worked for another product will work for a similar product.  We confirm our results by using multiple analytical techniques and instrumentation, to ensure quality and accuracy in our findings.  All reports are also peer reviewed for accuracy & quality of results.

  • We make sure our customers are continually informed and updated throughout the testing process.
  • Our final deliverable reports include all raw data, spectra, chromatographs, and complete description of all analytical techniques used.
  • Avomeen’s scientists remain up-to-date with the most sophisticated instrumentationmethods, and technical developments. Our teams can suggest additional studies that may help you with taking your product further.
  • We can customize our testing project to fit even the tightest deadlines. Our problem solving expertise, and a wide range of in-house analytical instrumentation, allows our scientists to complete rush projects with next-day, same-day, or even weekend service.

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